Identity, experience, utility — and sophistication.

Background knowledge and a clear stance are essential for good design. Good design, in turn, makes innovation tangible for users and ultimately raises a company’s profile.
At Tribecraft, we drive innovation by combining beauty with utility. Prettification won’t cut it.

Our design expertise:

  • User experience in real world- and digital environments

  • Industrial design for consumer goods, capital goods and transportation

  • 2D and 3D interaction design

  • Design for public, residential and work spaces

Design also matures during the sketching process. The tension between vagueness and distinct details helps designers to investigate their vision.
Our extensive collection of sample materials and processing technologies inspires us to find solutions with new aesthetic, technological and tactile qualities.
POV - check combined with anthropometric data and tests with VR headsets: verifying the seating angles and reach in a stroller mock-up enlarged to 173%.
In addition to parametric CAD we program algorithmic designs for complex structures that cannot otherwise be modeled.
Our designs often involve textile parts. Sewing prototypes in-house speeds up development and ensures we have a sense for the fabric.
Design models are a preview of the finished product and aid decision making with clients during development. Shown: dual-flush actuators.
Charles & Ray Eames said: “The details are not the details; they make the product.” Comparing the quality of laser engravings under the microscope for the Geberit Sigma 80 light guiding PMMA rod.

Our toolkit and skillset include context analysis (such as participant observation and customer journeys), generative modeling, Class A surfacing, ergonomics, materials and lighting simulation, digital and analog prototyping, a textile workshop, and a materials collection.

Call us to discuss design:
Daniel Irányi, +41 44 485 45 83

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