The PAD programming tool makes tailoring interfaces on screenboards for engine drivers easy.

PIXY is specialized in visual systems for railway safety. To study engine drivers' needs for display and interface usage, Tribecraft accompanied them on their tours. This lead to the concept and graphics of modular interface elements for the developers. With these customizing possibilities they could meet various customers differing needs while maintaining a high readability and clarity for drivers.

Developing a visual language and optimizing standard industry grade symbols for a comprehensive icon library.
Shaping the logic of software modules: categorizing and prioritizing in accordance with train drivers' perception.
Evaluating system fonts with regard to legibility, compactness and the balance of neutrality versus identity.
The grid pattern and size of elements were deduced from hardware buttons to achieve a clean and intuitive layout.
Defining logic and behaviour of display elements.
Concept for easy color customization of built screens: Corporate Design's accentuation color is transferred automatically to elements of the system and matched.
Automatic color custmization applied: PIXY's default red was replaced with blue.
“The design mainly supports the end user, clarity is paramout.”
PIXY SIP-Brochure (Translation)

Market launch:


Our Contribution:

Use Analysis
Screen and Touch Ergonomics
Component Structuring
GUI-Elements Kit
Icon Library Design

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