Access series

A sentry designed to be recognized but also customized.

This steadfast and adaptable little sentry by Magnetic Autocontrol had our technical and design support from the outset. The angular boom lends compactness to the design, which also incorporates modules such as the display area or under-ride guard. The light bar also acts as impact protection that immediately stops boom movement upon contact with persons.

Use analysis on site with the installer
Reviewing a concept idea in context
Schematic view of a product family and a possible range of cropped booms
Sketches of gear and boom drive mechanisms
Concept sketches for front-maintenance
Fullsize cardboard mock-up
Mock-up of a barrier with a cropped boom including an underride guard
Pius Kobler with a double barrel boom with an attached chocolate egg magazine (at Easter).
Design sketches with top access casing and boom light
Series implementation: CAD of the boom flange in die cast aluminum
Product family: CAD of the access terminals.
Prototype of an integrated folding boom mechanism.
“The sober and ergonomic design of the MicroDrive impressed the jury with its intelligent construction and appealing look.”
Jury Red Dot Design Award

Market launch:


Our contribution:

overall concept
product design
implementation support
variant maintenance

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