Agro have sold their grounding brackets with no changes for many years. In order to stay ahead of price-driven competition, clever improvements had to be made for this small, inconspicuous product.

Observations and surveys of fitters at work have shown us where potential for added value lies for brackets: faster and easyer assembly and a simple possibility of longitudinal or cross wiring. With the open click-belt with a snap-in mechanism developed by us, the clamps can be mounted on tubes of different diameters in no time. The wires can easily be inserted into the open spring clamp in both transversal and longitudinal directions. And all screws have the same bit.

Our concept inputs — checked with a prototype with many functionalities — were taken up by Agro, patented and further developed to a serial product.

“With Tribecraft, we have a single partner for all disciplines required in the product or idea development process.”
Niklaus Meier, Head of Engineering, AGRO AG

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Breaking things down intuitively


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