The new Click-and-Go air distribution system impresses with its simple and safe assembly. All components follow the flow-optimized design concept.

Centralized home ventilation systems play an important role in energy efficiency and fresh air comfort. Viessmann and its subsidiary Vi-Air wanted to set a new benchmark.

To ensure a high level of silence and hygiene for users, installing needs to be very safe but still easy to handle. That's why Vi-Air and we have developed a complete system that meets the professional requirements of installers. It is extremely easy to install, rugged but very flexible on the outside and airflow-optimized on the inside.

It is a first to simply plug tubes into fittings instead of mounting seals separately, lubricate them and assemble everything. The orange accent color of the integrated sealings indicates unmistakably when a connection is not yet sealed safe.

Fixing brackets made of stainless spring steel on the fittings ensure a secure hold of the ventilation duct. There is no need for small parts such as fastening materials that could be lost or forgotten. The process takes seconds instead of minutes. Also, if necessary the fittings can be re-opened by hand.

The specially developed cutting tool is compact and allows the pipes to be cut to length efficiently.

The design of the corrugation geometry renders the pipes extremely flexible - so that even tight radii can be laid - and yet stable enough to be concreted in. Small details such as the meter marking facilitate the work processes on the construction site. The convenient handling is complemented by a compact cutting tool which cuts the pipes effortlessly to the desired length.

The Click-and-Go system won the 2022 iF Design Award.

Before we design, we study the field in detail. How are ventilation systems planned?
How do people live with them? How are they maintained and cleaned?
With these insights, we know which aspects we need to test ideas and prototypes for.
For example, pipes are often laid in tight radii. The connection must nevertheless remain tight.


“Think outside the box ... again and again! ... and until it sometimes almost starts to get on your nerves. This is exactly one of the key success factors that brought Tribecraft into the collaboration. And it was the basis for a real milestone in our industry, our new Click&Go air distribution system. Thank you Tribecraft!”
Dominik Berchtold, Founder and CEO of Vi-Air AG

Market launch:


Our Contribution:

context-of-use analysis
conception and design
construction and implementation support

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