Paris Aéroport

In association with vogtpartner lighting design engineers and schockguyan architects we drew up guidelines to improve the ambiance at Paris Aéroport.

Primarily advertised as a lighting project, we were able to convince the contest jury with our intuitive customer routing and accompanying measures in zoning, signage, color & materials, as well as furnishings & arrangement. Along the lines of these aspects, we created comprehensive guidelines for open application in future renovation, conversion and new construction projects.

Classification of functional areas at the terminal.
Spatial effect in Terminal S4, opened in 2012
Architecture supervisor of Paris Aéroports briefing the design team.
Bathrooms are important touchpoints for the perception of quality.
Guiding the customers in dim areas.
Conspicuous: deactivated signaletics.
Customer journey, defining the relevant factors and their impact.
Emotional mapping of different personas with their specific timeline.
Excerpt from the competition posters: the core concept features a rhythm of calm, distinguishable functional areas along a bright, barrier-free main axis.
Concept-sketch for light guidance and how to handle functional areas: public zone in Terminal 2A, landside.
“The SDAL provides a perception-oriented, holistic view of the space.
It is based on the requirements for optimized light guidance and illumination of the terminals.”
Schéma directeur des ambiances lumineuses



Our contribution:

User guidance, signage
Emotional mapping
Spatial design


- vogtpartner lighting design engineers
- schockguyan architects


International design contest winner

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