SBB large railway stations

Together with schockguyan architects and vogtpartner lighting design engineers, we defined a set of rules for SBB to increase customer friendliness and capacity in large railway stations.

In addition to space zoning, placement of functional groups and elements as well as lighting and signage measures, we also defined and designed specific products and areas.
A pilot project of select measures was realized in the Basel train station in 2013. A distinctive feature of this concept is the phased implementation with as little interruption of daily operations as possible.

Layout sketch of a resting islet on a platform.
Ideation of a main information area with well recognizable screen element.
Schematic visual of user guidance with signaletics and platform portals.
Layout and implementing of elements of information alcoves.
Sketch of partitioning glass walls.
Still image of a realtime immersive visualization of an alcove.
Still image of a realtime immersive visualization of the passerelle.
Visual of public elements matching SBB Corporate Design Guidelines.
Prototype of a bench at Christen Metal works.
Visualization of a concept of a luminare above the main information area.
User guidance with new signaletic elements.
“For customers the overall impression of the station is crucial. Therefore customer benefit can only be generated with the big picture in mind.”
Management summary



Our contribution:

spatial design
user guidance + signage
corporate product design
guidelines creation


schockguyan architects
vorgtpartner lighting design engineers

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