Small urban buildings I City of Zurich

In cooperation with our partners Stoos Architects, we won the design competition for small buildings in the City of Zurich.

“Zapillon” is a modular and flexible design and construction system, which unites the architecture of small-scale urban public buildings, kiosks, boot rental stations and public toilets through its cross-functional design language with strong character. Simultaneously, it helps to prevent vandalism and facilitates maintenance.

Synopsis from the design competition
"Zapillon" posters in the competition's exhibition
Draft of the catering kiosk at the Enge harbor
Visualization of the kiosk at Enge harbor
Visualization of the boat rentals along the Utoquai
Construction of the boat rental
Lettering design concept for the boat rental at Seefeld
Graphic design concept for the public bathroom "ZüriWC"
Construction site blackboard at "ZüriWC" Albisriederplatz
Visualization (montage) of how the pictograms will look on matted glass
“Small buildings like newspaper-stands, boat rental stations, public bathrooms" have a central significance in public spaces.”
Building departement City of Zurich



Our contribution:

work group
systemized design
corporate design


Stoos Architects Brugg


architectural competition, 1st prize

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