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Excellent light in the bathroom: the ComfortLight concept offers perfectly matching lighting for every activity and each time of the day.

Carefully balanced light for the bathroom, developed by us for Geberit. The concept uses multiple light sources in the mirror cabinet to illuminate the face, room and worktops appealingly and according to need.

Carefully balanced light and smooth transitions make the difference

The intuitive control - with the regular light switch at the entrance, as well as directly on the mirror - changes the mood along with the brightness: colour temperature and lighting focus shift continuously with it.

When switched on, the standard light evenly illuminates the room indirectly via the ceiling. At the same time, the face is lit authentically and without glare. If cosmetics or cleaning require more brightness, the intensity can be increased. The light becomes simultaneously cooler and clearer.

With the Geberit Home App, the switch-on light can be matched to the individual daily (circadian) rhythm.

By dimming down, the ambience becomes continuously warmer and more atmospheric. The room fades into the background and the washing area is attractively accentuated.
In the middle of the night, a discreet, warm glow facilitates orientation in the room while allowing to quickly fall asleep again.

In order to create harmonious light for the respective situations and make it accessible through intuitive interaction, we consistently worked with prototyping.
Different luminaires in a variety of configurations with multiple controls and interfaces served us to explore and shape the effect and behaviour of the lighting. Yet, illumination only emerges from the surfaces the light has an impact on. That's why we built a bathroom lighting laboratory, complete with movable walls and ceilings, ceramics, furniture and glass partitions. This allowed us to develop clear definitions and requirements for good bathroom lighting. Because after all, what matters for the individual need is not the calculated lux value, but the subjective perception.

The ComfortLight concept is implemented in the Geberit ONE mirror cabinet.

Controlling and coordinating the lighting elements in this quality is demanding. Geberit developed an electronics platform specifically for ComfortLight and brought, with its implementation in the ONE mirror cabinet, a convincing product to the market.

An uncompromisingly focused development so that users can simply enjoy the comfort of good light.

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In order to assess bathroom lighting both quantitatively and qualitatively, we set up a realistic room layout with defined measuring points.
The lighting concept must work in small and large bathroom spaces. Because the ceiling and walls are reflective, they can be flexibly arranged in the lighting lab.
View into the lighting lab (linear layout variant). On the left, existing mirror cabinets for comparison, on the right, a mock-up with prototype lighting configuration.
Installation of an interchangeable lighting configuration to test beam angles and the weighting of direct and indirect light.
On the rear of the mockup, the "control innards" bear evidence of the vast lighting experimentation possibilities.
For the development of intuitive light control, we created an Arduino-based prototype controller as the centrepiece.
A central concern was to create natural light; e.g. by precisely matching it to candlelight for a relaxing atmosphere.
In order to develop an authentic illumination of face and room, we mapped and benchmarked the relations of light and shadow.
The light directions and proportions that are essential for the defined lighting characteristics are documented in precise specifications.
“(...) wowed the jury at the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 from beginning to end. The lighting concept on the mirror cabinet received particular praise (...)”
BigSEE magazine, product design award 2021


2022 (EU)

Unser Beitrag

Prototyping light, human & room
Interaction design
Lighting concept + guidelines
Specification light & control behaviour
Implementation support

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