The keys to success: an outside perspective and hands-on experience.

As experts in strategic product development, we will be at your side with advice and encouragement as you embark on your journey. As experienced innovators, we will guide you and your management team through unfamiliar terrain until you reach a place where your new product or business can flourish. Our analysis will chart a clear direction while our product vision will uncover potential and give the future a face. Implementation, finally, is part of our DNA.

  • Context-of-use analysis and fieldwork

  • Fields of potential clarity early on regardless of solutions

  • Product strategy for brands and product families

  • Service strategies matching the business model

  • Product visions to render the future visible

  • Sparring partner for in-house projects

Eye-opener: sensing potential is easier for us, as we contribute a treasure trove of experience and ask specific questions. Politely but firmly.
We learn from experienced users by conducting fieldwork in real-world situations. Any knack or bias can be a clue for future potential.
We develop ideas on room-high whiteboards and capture them with our proprietary software and hardware.
We love to play — seriously. By trial and error with quick iterations we solve problems and gain experience on a subject.
Makers. All team members know their way around the shop floor — at the heart of our lab — to test a design in plastics, wood or metal. Be it by hand, machining or 3D printing.
Setting up our own tests lets us gather un-biased data as well as get a feel for the materials. In this case with samples for developing a new technique for medical implants.

Off-the-shelf innovation methods certainly help many firms get to grips with their projects and are imparted by good consultants. 

But if innovation is to become a way of life, your methodology has to be carefully considered, diligently developed and, ultimately, transcended. Each innovation requires the methodological roadmap to be created and refined anew.

Deciding whether novelties should be incremental or radical is not always easy — and it can be hard to judge whether a given innovation will be disruptive in the long term; recognizing and uncovering potential is as much about instinct as it is about intellect.

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Cutting-edge from the quiet countryside


Packaging and conditioning dental implants.

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