Comprehensive, elegant, cost-conscious.

Multivalent challenges require exceptional engineering. We cut to the heart of complex problems and provide solutions at exactly the right level.

Here are some of the skills we offer and tools we deploy in-house:

  • Top-down CAD modeling for assemblies and
    freeform modeling with NX

  • Multibody simulation (MBS) using NX

  • FEM structural mechanics,
    CFD fluid dynamics with Ansys

  • Solving problems involving electromagnetic fields using Maxwell

  • System modeling and
    calculations using Matlab/Simulink

  • Systems engineering, sensors/actuators,
    electronics and control technology

  • Database development and programming
    for devices, interfaces and applications
    in C++, C,, C# up to assembly language

  • Machine learning, deep learning,
    computer vision

We start early to test mechanical and fluid concepts by simulation and are thus able to optimize them along the way.
We digitize parts to check on tolerances, iterate designwork, determine deformation and quickly integrate existing parts into a CAD modeling environment.
Fact-based decisions: Does the layout minimize fatigue? Prototype of a switch on our tensile load testing machine.
AI, systems engineering, sensors/actuators and control technology as well as prototyping with arduino or production-ready programming are key elements for us when developing clever products. To determine when to go for e.g. partially mechanical solutions can improve sourcing and price stability.
Our design engineering workflow is top-down. We deploy a CAD hierarchy that allows us to go from conceptual work right through to production tooling data.

We offer simulations, prototyping, systems engineering, and programming. We optimize construction costs right up to the tooling stage, have a network of manufacturing partners, and are independent in our choice of materials and manufacturing processes.

Call us to discuss engineering:
Jörg Evertz, +41 44 485 45 82

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