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Redefining packaging: APLIQUIQ is a system for packaging and conditioning dental implants.

For Thommen Medical we developed Apliquiq, a system for packaging and conditioning dental implants. When the sealed cartridge is pushed in and shaken, the liquid wets the implant and at the same time conditions its special surface. The plastic container is easy to open, allowing the implant to be removed directly with the instrument. The healing cap is also integrated, stored in a sterile condition and ready to be removed with the instrument.

Experimenting with existing packagings for implants
Functional model to extract implants in a safe, force-free way.
Concept sketch
Measuring the thumb forces of various users.
3D printed SLS working model and design sketches.
Veryfying pilot series injection moulded parts in COC
“The patients needs are crucial (...) and when developing the product great emphasis is placed on ergonomics and simplicity.”
Dr. Daniel Snétivy, Head of Research & Development Thommen Medical AG

Market launch


Our contribution:

use analysis
process definition
application & functional definition
product concept
implementation engineering
production support

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