Opium for MTB Cycletech is a platform for a variety of bicycles with a strong character and individuality, conforming to the personal needs of the rider.

All the relevant aspects, such as ergonomics (seat position), components and suspension system, are integrated and adapted to the intended use. The kinematics are actively designed: minimal drive response over the entire suspension travel — Opium draws on all the potential of the full suspension in every riding situation.

Market launch:


Our Contribution:

Construction / Series Implementation
Graphic Design
Product Support

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Syncros Accessories

Case: Leggero

Trailers — not hangers-on

The Swiss brand Leggero’s bike trailers have won awards for their practicality and sustainable manufacture; they are a perfect example of how ethical production and quality can work in harmony.
Trailers — not hangers-on


Angle drill guide with dust extraction