SCOTT urban fender kit

For SCOTT Sports SA we helped gain a new access to the heavily saturated market of city bikes by developing optional accessories.

By combining protective and static functions, a more integrated, cleaner look was achieved. Retailers can now easily customize their bicycles according to their customers‘ wishes in just a few seconds. The new rack with its versatile functions, such as basket interface or lock safekeeping, complements the product range.

Market launch:


Our Contribution:

Design Concept
Product Design
Implementation Support

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MBT Cycletech Fullsuspension Mountainbike


radically reduced transport trailer for Veloplus

Case: Leggero

Trailers — not hangers-on

The Swiss brand Leggero’s bike trailers have won awards for their practicality and sustainable manufacture; they are a perfect example of how ethical production and quality can work in harmony.
Trailers — not hangers-on