Tribecraft fosters young talents

Bursary results in "Henri"

After winning the Design Prize Switzerland for the Leggero Enso, Tribecraft and Brüggli used the prize money to create a bursary. Young designers Maya Martin and Sophie Glenzer then developed the concept "Henri."

When Brüggli and Tribecraft won the Design Prize Switzerland 2015/16, they decided to re-invest the prize sum to fund a project called: "What will move kids in the future?"

Industrial Designers Maya Martin and Sophie Glenzer, recent graduates, took up the challenge and developed "Henri" — a family-friendly urban transportation concept.

Henri is "the pushchair for bicycles". Kids get a front row seat and parents a fun ride as Henri leans into curves and cuts corners. Everyday family life easier: Henri can quickly be mounted in front of most bicycle models and used both as a transporter as well as a pram.

Statement from Tribecraft and Brüggli

"In their insightful work, Sophie Glenzer and Maya Martin have thought about everyday life and the cycling experience of the whole family. How can parents get children from A to B in a simple and efficient way that is also fun? Their groundbreaking project puts the children first, while allowing parents to swop bikes easily without any alterations. The designers checked the feasability of their concept using a functional model.

A few safety concerns remain when children are placed in front of the rider. Nevertheless, Brüggli and Tribecraft consider the concept to be a valuable contribution to the development of user-oriented transportation methods."

Authors: Maya Martin and Sophie Glenzer

Visualization: Sophie Glenzer

Project funding: Tribecraft and Brüggli


Henri — the pushchair for bikes
also works as a buggy and
offers space for two children.
There's a lot to see
on the way,
which can be
easily shared
Henri can be mounted
easily to the front of any
bicycle. It can be swapped
later on without effort.
Henri is great for E-bikes, too.
Shopping is easily stowed away
in the back of the cart.
At night, Henri is clearly visible through lights and reflectors.

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