Caree, by 4pets, is the new, revolutionary transport system for small dogs and cats. We designed the crate specifically for the passenger area of the car.

We chose a design and construction that allows fitting the crate perfectly in any car seat. Besides the comfort and high-quality materials, Caree stands out for its safety. The crate is easily and securely fastened either via the safety belt or the ISOFIX-compatible quick-lock mechanism.  This product was subjected to the strictest tests by the official testing institute TÜV Süd in Germany and meets the crash requirements for dogs and cats up to 8 kg in vehicles.

Conceptual design sketch
Moodboard for shape and textile
Functional layout prototype at test
In the box with our "reviewer"
Design integration for car interior
Arno sewing the seating cushion
3D printed prototype assembly
Developing structural safety with FE
Pre-series parts ready to be assembled
“This innovation incorporates 20 years of experience in dog transportation safety.”

Market launch:


Our contribution:

context-of-use analysis,
conception and design
interface for cars
series construction
implementation support

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Crate expectations

When David Eikamp and his family acquired Happy the golden retriever, their first concern was that the dog should be safe; they decided to have a professional dog crate installed in the car.
Crate expectations


A safe car ride for pet dogs combined with the convenience of a stylish tote.

Case: Leggero

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